Tibetan Lotus Incense Burner

$ 39.95 USD

Find your calm through the ancient practice of burning incense.

The Tibetan Lotus Incense Burner has a one of a kind design featuring the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism which represent the offerings made to the Buddha after enlightenment.

Use incense with the Tibetan Lotus Incense Burner to create a relaxing and inviting environment around any space. Place the burner in your home, office, yoga studio, or wherever you should desire peace.

The burner comes in three different colors – Red Copper, Copper, and Gold.

Whether you’re looking for help with meditation, relaxation or simply enhancing tranquility of your space, burning incense has proven to have suprisingly power benefits.

Product Details:

Material: Metal Alloy

Size: Approx.  W: 2.5 in. | H: 3.1 in. , (W: 7cm | H: 7.7 cm)

For cone incense, coil incense or stick incense only.

Incense Burner only. Incense not included.