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Free Worldwide Shipping for Orders $75+

Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant (Anti-EMF)

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We as humans emanate energy and are surrounded by energy at all times.

But not all types of energy that are around us are beneficial to our wellness. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) of energy are a recent modern byproduct of computers, Wi-fi, cell phone towers, radio waves, microwaves, and much more. 

Our Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant is specifically designed to help combat the abundance of positive ions from EMF by combatting it with its radiation of negative ions. It promotes the ideal flow of energy to restore and maintain balance with its healing energy.

This necklace is based on special Japanese technology, and is made from lava stone that contains over 70 different minerals designed to restore the natural balance in your body.

Benefits of wearing this necklace:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Better stamina, endurance and strength
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • A calmer mind and sharper focus/concentration
  • Alleviates soreness, aches and pains; improved flexibility
  • Energizes blood cells and reduces "stickiness" in blood cells
  • Neutralizes harmful energies; strengthens your body's bio-energy field to protect from harmful electromagnetic waves
  • Restores balance and harmony to the body and increases your energy levels

Protect yourself and your loved ones by grabbing your own pendant today.

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