Citrine Pi Yao Prosperity Bracelet

$ 29.95 USD

This bracelet is made of Citrine, a powerful healing crystal that can help strengthen self-esteem and increases the flow of positive energy in the body.

According to many cultures, citrine is known as the merchant's stone. This explains why citrine is considered a wealth attracting stone according to feng shui.

The mythical beast depicted is known as Pi Yao. The roots of Pi Yao lie deep in Chinese mythology. With the ferocious look of a winged lion, Pi Yao can ward off evil spirits and protect anyone from harm. Pi Yao has a never-ending appetite, which makes him the symbol for good fortune and prosperity. Adorning a Pi Yao bracelet is considered a good luck feng shui to attract an unlimited flow of money.

  • Made of genuine rare Citrine crystal
  • Beaded bracelet with Pi Yao charm
  • One size fits all